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We work for the success of your tech project

We’re experts in robotics, AI, VR, holography and digital training.


Tokyo Robot

Tokyo the Robot is one of the most versatile and powerful robots currently in the market. It has preinstalled software to perform in events, healthcare, restaurants, hotels and retail. Tokyo is a high-end robot that can be programmed to carry on any task.

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Pepper Robot

We’re experts with the Pepper robot. We offer services to set up its deployment in any event, customer service and much more, through the implementation of sophisticated AI tools.

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Robo-waiter Lolita

The robo-waiter Lolita is available for events and catering in restaurants. Get a WOW effect with the Lolita service robots in different models and colors.

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Sanbot Robot

Sanbot is a high-end robot, recommended for customer service. Its magnificent design, traction system and sound quality makes it a great robot.

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Telepresence Robots

We offer different telepresence robot models. Some of them are the Doble 0, the Padbot P1 and Padbot P2. Deliver great speeches and coaching sessions from any distance and visit events anywhere in the world without leaving your chair.

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QBO Robot

The QBO robot is the perfect home assistant, and also a great corporate receptionist. Its elegant aesthetic makes it the center of attention. ADD Group will ensure its complex programming to fulfill all your expectations.

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VR Experiences

Whatever the theme of your event is, we have the perfect VR experience for you. From beach simulators to virtual golf courses. Anything is possible.

We have the best professional VR and AR systems: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and Hololens.

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VR Simulators

We have over 10 different types of VR simulations: spaceship flight, rollercoaster ride, F1 racing, war zone, bicicle ride, paragliding experience, scuba diving, golf course, beach day, moto GP and different walking simulators.

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Tech Teambuilding

We organize corporate tech teambuilding workshops. Some options are 3D printing, drones, VR graffiti, robo-LEGO, holograms, Design Thinking, robo-fighting tournaments, robo-soccer tournaments, drone basketball, educational robot workshops, teambuilding with robots and custom workshops.

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We have holographic virtual assistants, holo pyramids, holographic panels up to 10 ft tall and holographic meshes capable of projecting all kinds of images. Give your product presentations an impactful touch with our holograms.

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Smart Mirrors

We work with different models of smart mirrors. From the sophisticated Dirror to virtual booths to try on masks, cars and clothes with our Intelligent Test Mirror models.

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Visit our Showroom


If you like our technology and you want to check out our robots, AI solutions, VR simulators and live holograms, visit our 4800 ft² showroom in Boadilla, Madrid. We believe it’s the biggest in Europe, but we want you to be the judge of that. We’re waiting for you!

Our Mission y Vision


Working for the integration of robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, holography and new technologies in companies and societies through the creation of innovative solutions, optimizing resources and giving value to human relationships. We want to be an important part of the success of your technological initiatives.


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